Broun Genealogy in America


A long line of Brouns, which can be traced for 850 years, is the Brouns of Colstoun in East Lothian. The first of the line may have been Sir David le Brun who gave the land and witnessed the charter founding the Abbey of Holyroodhouse in 1128. These Brouns claimed that they were originally descended from the royal house of France - their arms bore the three gold lilies of France. The Broun arms registered with the Lord Lyon has a lion rampant holding a French "fleur de lis".


The family mottto, “Floreat Majestas”, means “Let Majesty Flourish”. The above coat of arms is similar to the one which the family had in France. The helmet and lances were added to the Broun Coat of Arms after the emigration to Scotland as a result of gallant services rendered by Sir Patrick Broun, who was the first member of the Broun family to be raised to the English peerage in 1686.

  Philip H. Broun, 1970

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William Broun and Janetta McAdam Broun

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William Broun arrived in America from Scotland as a child in about 1740 at Charleston with his parents, George and Margaret Broun and his older brother, Robert Broun.. As an adult, he settled in Lancaster, Virginia, and on October 22, 1771, married Janetta McAdam, daughter of  Dr. Joseph and Sarah Ann Gaskins McAdam of Lancaster.  William and Janetta had five children. William practiced law in the Virginia counties of Lancaster, Northumberland, and Westmoreland. Janetta McAdam Broun died April 9, 1793.  William Broun died October 23, 1797.